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Neil Raitt - Alpine 2 (2013) - Oil on canvas

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Great article on fact.

Some badly written words and opinioms by myself.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while and its nice to see people broadening their horizons and listening to ambient music more and more and integrating it into their lifestyle (from reading some of the comments).

The posibilities of ambient music coming back into the forefront is endless mega points for club life. Entire rooms dedicated to ambience and sound relaxation will open up the imagination of club goers and let room for new prospects in the culture.

The acceptability of mixing ambient with techno sets and a lot of people actually enjoying except from the small few like myself and my friends. ( and obviously thousands of others) but I mean on terms of a wide audience as its a genre which can take people a while to not consider it as just background music but a spatial journey into time and space.

I know people write these sorts of articles saying theres a huge scene kicking off and it fades in and out quickly. But the revitalisation of acid and 90s house provides that gap where ambient fits in perfectly and I hope it takes off. Purely because its a great time for me to work on my music and finally bridge myself into slot on the roadways of electronic music


Blossoming pink trees on the mountainous landscape of Nanjian Yi Autonomous County in southwest China.

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Jacob’s Well in my home town Wimberley TX, right outside of Austin. As a kid I lived less than half a mile from it and spent summer days here. No telling how many times I’ve leapt from that rock.

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The Emperors, WY

David Pirrie

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Tomaz vs Filterheadz - Sunshine